Obradović-Tixier Duo is the combination of French pianist David Tixier and Croatian drummer Lada Obradovic. The duo produce a contemporary and stylish sound blending acoustic and electronic instruments, moog, Fender Rhodes, glockenspiel, mbira and other playthings. A soft yet striking performance where David's sophisticated harmonies and lyrical drama interweave with Lada's polyrhythms. An almost serial shamanic piano phrase is muffled by digital blankets whilst a volley of cymbals whisks us away like wings beating through the air. Together, the pair weave a captivating tale. 

David Tixier - piano, keyboards, DSP, compositions 

Lada Obradovic - drums, voice, toys, glockenspiel, compositions


Jazz À Vienne 2018, FR - 1st Prize 

Jazz Au Phare 2018, FR - 1st Prize 

Colmar Jazz Festival 2018, FR - 1st Prize 

HLAG, USA 2018 - Weekly Winner 

HLAG, USA 2018 - 2nd Prize

Made In New York Competition 2018 - Best Band Prize

La Défense Jazz Festival National Contest 2019, FR - 1st Prize

La Défense Jazz Festival National Contest 2019, FR - Soloist Prize for Lada Obradovic


​"An unusual and innovating music, elegant and sensitive, elaborated and interactive. Between light touch and strength, it fascinates and surprises as much as it stimulates."


Nicole Videmann, Latin de Jazz & Cie for Jazz A Vienne 

“ Obradovic-Tixier Duo uses sounds to transform them into gold”

Jean-Michel Proust, artistic director of Jazz Au Phare